Warzone Operation Monarch is the king of all LTMs

Warzone Operation Monarch is the king of all LTMs

Noxious green gas nips at my ankles, bullets whiz past my head, and a rumbling that resembles the sound of an oncoming tornado puts my heart in my throat. I go prone and desperately try to reload my LMG, which takes up far too much of my precious little time – the gas is encroaching. I slam the clip into position and get ready to run for an outcropping of rocks about 50 yards ahead of me, but just when I stand up to make my move, a piercing, otherworldly scream shakes my very skeleton and an impossibly bright streak of bluish-white light slices through the air in front of me. It’s the last thing I see before it all goes dark. 

This is typical for a round of Warzone Operation Monarch, Call of Duty’s best ever limited-time event. In it, Warzone Pacific is invaded by Godzilla and Kong, and you are but a lowly foot soldier scrambling around their titanic feet like a helpless little ant. I haven’t had this much fun in Warzone in months, and I haven’t encountered a crossover event that feels oh-so-right. If Warzone stayed like this forever, I’d be happy. 

Monster mash 

Warzone Operation Monarch

A Warzone menu bug showing the wrong name for an Operator’s finishing move (Image credit: Activision)

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