The Five Clues About A Potential ‘Destiny 2’ Season 17

The Five Clues About A Potential ‘Destiny 2’ Season 17

Yesterday, I was musing on Twitter about how we had gotten effectively zero clues for the new season of Destiny 2, season 17, but that was countered by community manager Liana who said there have been clues so far:

This was echoes by a couple of other Bungie employees in the thread, and I’ll clarify, I have seen a lot of clues for potential Year 5 storylines, but I just…have no idea which of them may manifest a week from tomorrow (and we are probably getting a season trailer tomorrow).

The way I see it, there are five major storylines that have been doled out as clues or less subtle set-ups for future year 5 storylines, and any of them, or even a combination of them could be what’s coming in season 17. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Caiatl/Saladin – This would be a direct continuation of the storyline that has Saladin recruited onto Caiatl’s Cabal war council in order to spare Crow’s life for his extremely stupid accidental killing of Caiatl’s Psion friend. The lore says Saladin has already been promoted to Valus and runs his own Iron Banner with the Cabal (which seems uh, not ideal given that they can’t be resurrected by ghosts). Given that Iron Banner is getting a huge rework this season, I do wonder if this storyline could continue on to be the focus of the season somehow. We also have gotten hints at Cabal-themed armor that may be coming, but who knows.

2. Immaru/Savathun – It is clearly no accident that while we “killed” Savathun, her ghost Immaru disappeared and we are now guarding her body. This very much leaves the door open for Savathun to return at some point, likely resurrected when we need her help against the Witness and his schemes, given that we’re on the same side of that fight, and The Traveler has actively demonstrated trust in Savathun and her Lucent Brood by giving them the Light.

3. Calus/Yrix – This has been a looming storyline ever since the Leviathan disappeared and the Glykon showed up. We know Calus is out there somewhere, attempting to be a supplicant to the Darkness, but also gathering troops, as the game reports defections to Calus now that Caiatl took in Saladin. Yrix is a rogue Psion who was behind the assassination attempt on Zavala, and appears to be working with Calus. It seems very likely we will see a showdown between Caiatl and her father Calus eventually, but honestly, this seems like a big enough conflict where I wouldn’t put it past maybe being the focus of Lightfall.

4. Rasputin/Ana – Last year, Ana evacuated Rasputin from Mars in an Engram, and has worked with Splicer tech to start building Rasputin an Exo body. It seems like we are on the way to Rasputin becoming a literal NPC with a body, possibly called “Archangel” based on past Eververse hints. He has unfinished business with the Darkness, clearly, and fans have been rooting for a SIVA season for years now. The Witch Queen also told us about a hidden human facility called NEFELE STRONGHOLD that Rasputin has been hiding from everyone for years, which seems like it will come into play.

5. Eramis/Mithrax – Our Fallen friends are mostly that now, friends. So in order to create another reason to fight them again for the first time since Beyond Light, we may have to bring back the villain of Beyond Light, who was quite literally left on ice at the end of that expansion. There have been hints that Eramis may be unfrozen and return as a foe, and with some Fallen hints based on recent looks at season 17, plus simply how long it’s been since we’ve fought them, that could be on deck for next season. But now we’d be facing them with Mithrax at our side, and the fate of the Fallen race in the balance. Throw the missing Spider in there for extra Fallen drama, maybe.

Those are the five main pathways I see for storylines going forward. I do not know which one will be next, or if any of them will be. But if we’re looking for clues ahead of next week (or tomorrow), that’s the best I got.

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