GTA 6 gameplay leaks online in over 90 videos of early footage (Updated)

What you need to know

  • The first alleged footage of the next Grand Theft Auto game has leaked online, with over 90 videos showcasing its engine, gameplay, and more from an early development build.
  • The historic leak provides a glimpse into GTA 6 development, confirming prior reports of the series’ first female protagonist and a Vice City setting.
  • The leak is the result of a hack. The hacker is attempting to sell the stolen code and gameplay back to Rockstar for “no less than five figures,” according to reports.

Update (00:05 CEST, Sept 19, 2022)

The plot thickens over this major GTA6 leak, which has seen dozens of videos spill out into social media, YouTube, and now even the deep web. 

It seems that the leak is the result of a hack / social engineering by a sole actor, who is now ransoming GTA5 source code and other Take Two property for “no less than 5 figures,” according to reports from Telegram. Take Two has also started issuing DMCA copyright claims against users who share the stolen content. 

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